I show my art on different blogs. Sorted in themes. 

Art of MC   or Mariane's ART

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The 24th Star

The Author's Office

Facebook is one place where I show my art

Instagram is another place, where I will also be inspired by other art

You will find me on LinkedIn and Twitter as well.

YouTube is also a place full of inspiration. I sometimes try to add something interesting.

I am at several social media to show what kind of things I am doing. If any want to buy any of my arts you are welcome to contact me to hear if it for sale or not!

I have always been an artist in one way or another. Feeling the need to test out many things.

This has been since I was a youngster with luck or mistakes, but I always learned what to do and what not to do.

Life is a wonderful adventure and there is always waiting for exciting things around the corner.


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