22.06.2016 – woyww#368

22.06.2016 – 19:17:03 WOYWW #368 I thought I was finish but I found out that I needed more storage space – therefore I bought 2 room dividers or shelving. They were easy to gather so I have them up and working now. I start to work with them yesterday at the afternoon.(What do I need now more than cleaning up?) What is on my Desk today? – all the papers and small stuff that I have to make in order and right place in the storage. If you like to see the other photos of my “homework” then click HERE I made a photo of how my view am at the moment – and you might imagine that is a NOISE Hell I am living in? – The constructors start 7:00 in the morning and IMore….


16.06.2016 ~ Finish

Wow – Finish at last !!! The table I wish to use as a creativity place are done. Now I have only left to fill the drawers and put things in the right place …………….. Then I will start again on my Creativity!!  Yappayyy .. I missed to work with my materials. A little gallery of the process: First I like to show you how the Sky looks like looking out of my window. Then there is a photo with my inspirations to drawing – The Teddy bears – and besides the furniture there is a  photo with my view out of the window these days. It has been a very long process – But finally – yeah !! .. and I see my markers might be another places – Depending of where there isMore….

Done Done Done


The building process. Since last time I made a post I have been busy with “building” furnitures – It has taken me ( and my friend that helped) 24 days to make this progress. Phew – was really hard even with the help – I just know my body is up to those kind of buildings anymore. I am stubborn and I WANT it done. Soon I hope I am able to start again. For now I need a rest! Thank you ever so much for your visit Hugs and Love commentsLoad Facebook Comments

2016 04 16_0151


Finally I did what I decided some times ago 😉 – Started to make something out of my leftovers. Meaning the rest of the papers where I cut out for embellishments and paint and other small things, here and there. I have to A5 albums which I haven’t used for anything. I began with the pink one ( I am definitively not into pink colours ) – I made a little gallery for you to see. Materials from Lindy’s Stamp Gang and small things and paints from Finnabair If you see something you want to know where is from or how I did you are so welcome to ask questions 🙂   Thank you ever so much for visiting and have a Happy Day / Night / Morning – Where ever you are Warm regardsMore….



This suppose to be part of a Competition which ends today in a few moment. But do you think I remember??… LOL That is too funny  – I guess I have had too much in my mind to save the web site I found – Oh well.. I love it anyway .. It was great to do – I started with something else but of a sudden I see it is only gold/brown and white, with a little touch of blue:   Soon I will set up in a post from here about all my “Leftovers” I decided to use all I have and nothing new is added. ( I hope 😉  ) If you have any question please don’t hesitate and write in the comment box below. Thank you ever so much for visitingMore….



LIVE IN THE MOMENT SOMETIMES WE NEED A LITTLE MAGIC. Last month I made a Painting or collage or what to call it, for a very special friend who lives in USA. She receive it a few days ago and now I can make a post of it ( we never know who is looking, do we? 😉 ) The Painting is 50 x 40 cm and I have used several media to my expression of the “Tribute to Celest” or “Tsunami Of Light”. Here is a little “gallery” of the photos I did during the work with the painting and card making. Finally some photos of the wrapping time. Finally it was sent 😀 There is a lot of details on the painting with a lot of symbolic _  before and after : EnjoyMore….



My Creative Scrapbook is a place where I get my monthly KIT from – Unfortunately is it the first time I am showing what I made of the KIT as the Life here has been too hectic for my taste. Today I show 5 cards I made of the February KIT  and I still have more to make of the KIT – Also I used some supplies from my stash. The Idea how to make the cards I found here  I am happy to be able to show you what I did. You can also follow at Facebook If you have any question please don’t hesitate and write in the comment box below. Thank you ever so much for visiting and have a Happy Day / Night / Morning – Where ever you are WarmMore….